Thursday, 18 March 2010

Peter Egan and Philip Franks

Direct from their dressing rooms at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford, Peter Egan and Philip Franks who are currently starring in 'The Secret of Sherlock Holmes' have sent the following statement:

"We consider that this planning application should be refused on the grounds that it would destroy the iconic and historic identity of Undershaw where Conan Doyle, through the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, wrote the return of the most famous and enduring ficticious partnership in literature.

Undershaw should not be divided by concrete into apartments, but should remain as one dwelling so that future generations can see how Conan Doyle lived through a traumatic and fruitful period of his creative life. We feel sure that Waverley and Haslemere would wish to retain Undershaw with at least some limited public access as a boost to the regeneration of Hindhead and tourism in the area".


  1. Liz Gage ( 01:54:00 pm

    The place where book/s that have retained their popularity for so long were written is worth preserving: we don't have so much originality in the UK Arts that we can discard
    reminders lightly !
    Besides, according to the medium, Doris Stokes,
    Conan Doyle is still upset about a notebook that no-one has yet found : imagine what might happen if it were accidently destroyed .....again according to Doris, he still has a very bad temper ! Liz

  2. Thank you Liz for your very interesting comment. If Conan Doyle was looking down on us, I would say he still has a very strong hand in all this.

    Doris Stokes - marvellous medium and marvellous books!

    A notebook eh! What is all that about? It would be interesting to learn more.