Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Breaking News - No Go for the 'One Show'

I have tonight received confirmation from the BBCs the 'One Show' that filming and interviewing will not now be taking place because of the decision not to allow any further access to the house by its owners, Fossway. The 'One Show' are unable to feature our plight with only our footage of the house which is disappointing for the Trust and for our national heritage.

A BBC script had been prepared for the show that was due to be featured on Monday 7th June.


  1. That's very disappointing. Let's just hope that their attitude (Fossway's that is) goes against them at the next meeting.

  2. Thank you Alistair for your comment.

    My feelings are that Undershaw rightly belongs to the nation and public access should never been denied!

    I am very disappointed at the BBCs decision not to use what was an extremely good piece of footage from a professional company and put together in a sympathetic way would have produced a very interesting feature for the BBC.