Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hindhead Councillor - Christiaan Hesse

For the regeneration of Hindhead, Undershaw could play a very important part for tourism and education. Councillor Hesse who is mediator between the Trust and Waverley Borough Council agrees that Undershaw should be part of the regeneration plan and gave the following statement:

"As a local councillor representing Hindhead I am passionately concerned with the 'success' of Hindhead as a whole. There is no doubt that Undershaw could be a major part of the Hindhead 'brand' - after all who hasn't heard of Sherlock Holmes around the world? As such, Undershaw could significantly reinforce social, cultural economic factors in the Hindhead Regeneration plan. However, a funded plan must be found - in cooperation with the current owner - to find an alternative to the current development plan for which planning consent has been approved. This will break the existing building up and render the Conan Doyle/Sherlock Holmes link lost in the same way as has happened to other Hindhead buildings.

I admire the save Undershaw team and their aspiration and I support it wholeheartedly. They have worked extremely hard to and I am delighted to provide a bridge between The Undershaw Preservation Trust and Waverley Borough Council in order to improve cooperation in this endeavour . I wish them every success - but it all comes down to money. Concerned readers should get ready to put their hands in their pockets!"

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